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Our Vision.

To create a world into which there is not only respect and rights for people but also towards animals. Our organisation donates a substancial part of its income towards animal cruelty and offers a wide attention to the suffering of animals.

The organisation is paying a great deal of attention towards a eco friendly world by reducing waste of basematerials such as wood, metal and more, also do we wish to stimulate others in reusing products for a second life.

Also, do we profide a greater common goal by offering a workplace for people who are unable to work in a normal workday setting, are we offering a workplace for immigrants and other ranges of sociabillity such as people who have no job, or are in between jobs or are on social wellfare.

Our organisation is thus based on the following principals:

- To motivate people to think about material reuse;
- To enable to donate reusable material to our organisation in order to bring forth a eco friendly environment, either with our without a compensation;
- inform people about the diffrent forms of animal cruelty, and how we can achieve to do more for the common good towards animals;
- To donate financial funds to animal charity that battle animal cruelty or otherwise offer a positif (local) sociabillity;
- The terms to which donations are made are dictated in our charity policy

Our organisation stands out because our store is considered an outstanding and creative creation from people who care about what we do. Everybody can contact, visit, call or mail us about 2nd hand materials with very reasonable prices.